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We cater to all horse grooming, horse tack, horse products and all other horse related needs

Whether you compete in horse show competitions, have taken up horse grooming as a hobby or you just love your pet horse, Withers Tack & Accessories has everything you need. Withers Tack & Accessories is a fully stocked tack store with everything from horse halters, to horse reins to horse medication to wormer shots and everything in between.We understand the high demand for horse tack, horse medication and other horse products alike, as we work to keep our tack store shelves stocked with the latest headstalls, horse care products, grooming products, horse medication, horse reins and more!

As the only tack store within a 40-mile radius of Tyler, TX, Withers Tack & Accessories should be your go-to stop for all necessary horse products, horse medication, grooming products and any other horse related needs. Our horse products are the best you can find at any tack store and we're conveniently located in Tyler, TX and we proudly serve Lufkin, TX as well. We're open Monday through Friday from 9 A.M.-6 P.M. and Saturdays from 9 A.M.-2 P.M., so stop in to see us and browse through our wide selection of horse products, grooming products and other horse tack products! Our staff has the experience and knowledge to help you with whatever horse products, horse medication or riding equipment you may be looking for. We love horses almost as much as we love our customers! Drop into Withers Tack & Accessories to shop around or ask any questions you may have.

Our Product Selection

The best horse grooming products throughout Tyler and Lufkin, TX

Withers Tack & Accessories carries all the horse related products you need in Tyler or Lufkin, TX. From name brands to generics, Withers Tack & Accessories has got you covered. Our tack, medical care and grooming product selections keep our shelves fully stocked and we're constantly getting in new shipments. Withers Tack & Accessories also carries products that you might have never thought you'd need – until you see them for yourself!

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